About Us

About Us(Sportag.net),Sportag.net is a platform to provide professional photography services for athletes in different races and games. It is the first AI facial recognition system to be used in sports photography in Hong Kong invented by Facetech Limited. It identifies and matches photos, saving and downloading pictures with high resolutions from the Cloud system, so as to capture and preserve the most splendid moments for the athletes.。

Why this platform is created?

Our team contains not only AI system developers but also Marathons amateurs who understand well the feelings and thoughts of the participants in races. We were eager to find our photos in the event as soon as possible after we finished the races. Nonetheless, the photos were hard to be sorted out and took too long when their passions had already dropped. Not to mention the price of the photos were a bit too high.

Therefore, we invented an AI facial recognition system that can help athletes and participants to sort out their photos within seconds. Meanwhile, we allow professional photographers and amateurs of sports photography to join us easily based on the principles of sharing economy. Therefore, the photographers can fully utilize their interests and professions to share the income with us, and thus more photographers are encouraged to capture the remarkable and unforgettable moments for the athletes.

The Sportag App will be coming soon in Android & iOS App Stores so that we can serve you in a more comprehensive way.