Privacy Policy

Your use of Sportag, and any disputes that may arise, will be determined and resolved according to this policy, our terms of use and all other applicable clauses for conflict resolution (including judicial rulings, limits to the amount of damages and choice of judicial action). We reserve the right to change our privacy policy and terms of use at any time. Conceptual changes and clarifications will take effect immediately; concrete policy changes will take effect upon 30 days of notification. Any changes will be posted at the top of this page, along with the dates they come into effect. If we make any concrete changes to this policy, we will notify you either via email or a notice on our homepage. We encourage you to refer back to this page to keep abreast of changes to our privacy policy. Unless otherwise stated, this policy will apply to all information we have about you and your account.

Upon registration to Sportag, we will store the personal profile and information, such as your profile, name, email and pictures, that users have chosen to provide to the channel, and you will have created your profile and privacy settings. The users you authorize in your privacy settings will be able to view these information, so you can keep in touch with fellow users of Sportag. If Sportag begins offering new services that we think may be useful to you, we may use your name and email to inform you of these services.

Sportag mainly uses your personal information (Including the information mentioned above-including but not limited to Facebook or Google) so you can see it whenever you use our services, so you can edit your privacy settings, and so the users you authorize will be able to see it as well. If you choose to make your authorization settings public on your message board for example, other users of Sportag will be able to add to your profile.

Users belonging to the authorized networks designated in your privacy settings (such as schoolmates, neighbours or friends of friends) will be able to view your profile. Your name, the names of your networks, personal files (such as thumbnails of your pictures) will be made searchable on the Sportag network, and part of this information may be available to a third party search engine, so your friends can find you and invite you to join their networks. Users will only see your name and will not be able to retrive your account information, unless users are acquainted with you (friends, friends of friends or people belonging to your networks etc) or if you authorize them to review your profile.

Sportag may send you notices as part of our services. For example, if a friend sends you a new message, or someone leaves a message on your board, you will receive an email reminder.

Normally you can inform the webmaster if you wish to stop receiving this kind of mail, but even if you choose not to receive any voluntary email notices, Sportag is still authorized to send you notices about your account.

Sportag may use your account information but will not disclose your identity to any third parties. Our use of users’ information is to estimate the size of certain networks (such as bands or movie-affliated networks) and to provide users with personalized advertisements. We hope this will allow us to serve you better and improve your experience with Sportag. You will have a better understanding of the world around you, and advertisements can be tailored to suit your interests. For example, if you list your favourite movies on your account, we may notify you of similar movies playing at theatres near you, but we will not disclose your identity to film distribution companies.

To complete your personal profile, we may collect personal data from other sources, including but not limited to news, networks (such as blog rings), instant information systems, Sportag staff, and other users of Sportag. Normally you can choose not to let us collect this type of data, and you can take steps (such as removing tags and links to your photos) to prevent this type of data being linked to your profile.

About data deletion - The users personal information and/or data will be stored in our system until the user requests us in email or writing to delete his/her own personal information and/or data from the database or terminate their individual membership in the channel. (Users who login with Facebook can click here for reference.)